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Winter Warmers

a sign on the sky above tree lake and snow

Comforting Pasta Dishes

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, there's nothing quite like a comforting bowl of pasta to warm the soul. At S'ghetti To Go, we understand the importance of hearty and satisfying meals during the colder months. Our Winter Warmers collection is designed to fill you with warmth and happiness, one delicious bite at a time.

Cozy Spaghetti Options

Choose from our Lone (individual) or Monster (Feeds 4) sizes to enjoy a range of comforting spaghetti dishes. Our menu boasts a variety of options, each crafted with care to bring you the ultimate winter indulgence. From our classic s'ghetti sauce to our creamy fredo sauce, there's a flavor for every pasta enthusiast.

2 Irresistible Sandwich Options

If you're in the mood for something handheld, our sandwiches are a perfect choice. With two delectable options to choose from, you can't go wrong. Whether it's the classic s'ghetti sandwich or the savory meatball sandwich, each bite is a journey into sandwich perfection.

Sides to Complete the Feast

No winter meal is complete without the perfect side dishes. Enhance your dining experience with our selection of sides that complement our pasta and sandwiches seamlessly. From garlic bread to crisp salads, we have the ideal accompaniments to make your winter meal a feast.

Sweet Endings and Bottled Bliss

Cap off your Winter Warmers experience with a delightful dessert from our menu. Indulge in the sweetness of our cheesecake or savor the richness of our chocolate cake. Don't forget to pair your meal with our selection of bottled drinks for a complete and satisfying dining experience.

As the temperatures drop, let S'ghetti To Go be your go-to destination for winter comfort. Whether you're dining solo or feeding a crowd, our Winter Warmers menu is designed to bring joy to every bite. Embrace the season with the warmth and flavors of our comforting pasta dishes.

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